SMART WELLNESS. Healthy Youth through digital technology, science and entrepreneurial culture.






The development of the SW application ("Smart Wellness") is part of the initiatives and activities planned in the Smart Wellness Project (number 2017-1-ES01-KA219-038402) of the Erasmus+ European Program selected in the 2017 call,

which will be carried out in the period 2017-19 in the form of strategic associations among schools.

The centers involved in this School Partnership are Blas Infante High School (Córdoba, Spain) and the Primary and Ementary School "Zaklandi Skola Pacov" (Pacov, Czech Republic).

The general objectives to be considered here are the following: 

  • Change the way our young people perceive the use of digital technology, proposing that they can be creators and producers of this technology beyond the mere use of it.
  • Promote emotional, physical and social well-being through healthy lifestyles and eating habits.
  • Encourage an approach to science and technology of our students and especially our girls, with the approach of new perspectives that lead to reduce the gap between men and women in the field of scientific research.

Specifically, the purpose of the App is to publicize a list of restaurants in the cities of Córdoba and Pacov where special diets meals are offered (vegetarian, gluten-free, Mediterranean, halal, low-calorie, etc.)


The application will be developed for Android devices. To do this, we will use "App Inventor" developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute Technology).

General features:

  • Name of the application: "SW"
  • The application will offer up to six categories to classify and organize the list of restaurants.
  • Users can assess the establishment by assigning a global score obtained as an arithmetic mean of the ratings of four different aspects such as cooking, service, environment, etc. The registration of comments is not foreseen since this would involve a sustained maintenance in time that escapes the purpose and possibilities of the project.
  • The ratings assigned will be shared by all users of the application.
  • It will allow you to make phone calls to the establishment directly from the application itself (for reservations or information)
  • It will indicate the address and geolocate the restaurant through Google Maps directly from the application.
  • It will allow access to the website of the establishment if there is one or to the corresponding entry in the project Weblog, which should be a review of the restaurant made by our students and within this review there should be a link to the restaurant.
  • It will offer, for each restaurant, the overall score of all users as well as the total number of registered scores.
  • It will show a highlighted menu with prices.
  • It will show a featured image of the establishment (banner)
  • There will be a link to show information about the App as an outcome of the Erasmus+ Project, participating schools as well as the links to the schools websites and to the project's Web and Twinspace.
  • The application will offer the choice of languages among Spanish, Czech and English.
  • It must include a link to the Privacy Policy of the application to show the information that is transferred to external servers, the use made of it and how to access it.


The maximum size of the "apk" file will be 4.7 MB (5 MB is the maximum size allowed by the development platform)

This general limitation entails other determinants:

  • Maximum number of images: 70 (average size 56 KB)
  • Maximum number of registered restaurants: 60
  • Maximum number of windows: 5


o   Banners (representative pictures of each restaurant):


Maximum size: 65 KB. The dimensions are expressed in pixels.

 Screens (Screens included in the application):


It consists of:

  • Background image (393 x 700) and size 183 KB
  • Pictures in png format for category selection buttons (with alpha channel at 50% opacity). Dimensions 110 x 80 and size 52 KB
  • Image for Language button in png format (with alpha channel at 0% opacity) and 33 KB size
  • Image for Information button in png format (with alpha channel at 0% opacity) and size of 33 KB


It's the "Category" screen. It shows the banners of the restaurants corresponding to the category or family.



By default, 10 restaurants are established by category, although this number can be modified provided that we stay within the general limitations referred to above.


The screen header image has dimensions of 603 x 180 and a size of 81 KB



It is the "Restaurant information sheet" screen. It shows a highlighted menu with prices of the establishment. It contains a keypad from which we can perform the following actions:

  •     Make a phone call to the establishment
  •     Access to its Web page
  •     Geolocate it using Google Maps your location
  •     Access the Rating screen


It will also show the global average rating granted by the users as well as the total number of ratings obtained.





It's the "Ratings" screen. Through some sliders we can rate different aspects of the establishment (food, service, environment, etc). In the lower part, it shows us the arithmetic mean of the assigned scores and a button with which we can send this media to an external database (Google Fusiontable) where it will be registered and shared by all users of the application.




Once the score is registered, it will send us a warning message:





It's the "Information" screen. It shows information about the Erasmus + Project, participating schools, and buttons to access the websites of the centers and Weblog of the "Smart Wellness" Project. Since one of the project purposes is to publish the App in Play Store of Google Play to give a greater dissemination, we must include a button to access the Data Privacy Policy of the application. This is a mandatory condition on the part of Google in its transparency policy.