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App of Pacov Restaurants, which include options for special dietary needs. It has been a two school years job in which we have included 60 restaurants from Pacov area. The app is divided into six categories: 

Low calorie, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Asian, Italian and Halal & Kosher. Restaurants have been chosen according to the special needs and healthy choices offer.

With this app, we hope more people in our area will be able to choose their own personal dietary option with less difficulties. 

The 60 restaurants have been visited more than once and many other have been excluded for not fitting our needs. Students, families and staff have taken part in the choices and the visits. This is offered in English, Spanish and Czech.

Our Spanish partners in our Erasmus+ project helped with the use of the app with tutorials and workshops led during the exchange meetings. 

To install the Czech School App click on the picture of the App cover, which will lead you to the link in our project Drive folder and choose the apk file


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