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Since September 2017, Pacov Elementary School has been working on a two-year international project called  Smart Wellness, within the Erasmus + programme. The partnership with the Spanish school IES BLAS Infante Córdoba also includes project meetings at schools. This time a group of 21 pupils and 3 teachers went to a weekly meeting in Spain. Our first destination was the city of Málaga - the second largest city of Andalusia, the port and the famous holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast. While visiting the city, of course, we also visited the beach, but before we met, for example, the medieval Moorish fortress Alcazaba with Gibralfaro Castle with spectacular views of the harbour and the bullring. Those interested could also visit the Pablo Picasso Museum, a local native. In the late afternoon we had a bus trip to Córdoba, where students were waiting for their partners and host families. Our stay in the partner school city began with a formal reception at the Alcazar Palace, where we were welcomed by a representative of the local authority.

The weekly programme of the meeting included project activities that took place directly at the school. Together we worked on the main outputs of the project - the Digital Recipe Book, the Scientific Women and the Restaurant App (electronic book of healthy recipes, publishing information about women scientists, applications looking for catering options focusing on different dietary needs and habits). All communication within the project is in English, the written outputs are in three languages. Another interesting activity was, for example, participating in a flamenco dance workshop and practical cooperation workshop of cooking, where traditional local dishes were prepared. At the end of our visit we were also given the opportunity to visit the feeding primary school. During a week's stay, Spanish pupils gradually introduced us to the interesting places of their city, whose monuments are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We had a detailed look at the fortified Alcazar, including the place where Columbus probably asked the Spanish monarchs to support his exploration expeditions, the Arab Baths, the famous mosque-cathedral - a vast maze of nearly a thousand columns with amazing history and decoration, the original Jewish Quarter and other sights. During our stay, the local famous Fair was also opened with spectacular fireworks, in which our students and their host families took part. During the weekend we visited the original royal stables and a demonstration of the training of the famous Andalusian horses and a joint trip of Czech and Spanish pupils to the city of Granada in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, where we headed mainly to the fairy-tale complex of Alhambra gardens and palaces.

The last day of our stay was purely working and ended at the school with a closing ceremony with the handing over of certificates attended by parents of Spanish pupils. They brought snacks from the house, so there were also local specialties on the tables, including stews. The week was over and after midnight farewell with friends a return flight to Prague awaited us early in the morning. Just the last farewell to the Spanish landscape, the top view of the Pyrenees, the Alps and a smooth landing in Prague.

We believe that the whole week was an enrichment experience for our pupils not only in the field of information and examination of communication skills, but especially a new experience, getting to know interesting places, people and cultural customs. Most probably everyone has enjoyed this trip abroad and will remember it forever.

                                                                                              Mgr. Jaromir Havel, Mgr. Věra Plášilová


This project has been funded with support of the European Union Erasmus + programme. The author is solely responsible for the content of the article. The Communication does not represent the views of the European Commission and the European Commission is not responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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